Immunity tests and differing consultants

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Immunity tests and differing consultants

#1 Post by Flash19 » Thu Jul 11, 2019 5:47 pm

Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone has any experience or advice of immunity testing with Care. I have friends who have had the Chicago blood tests done during ivf and say they feel their children have been born due to the results and medication subsequently given. I approached the same clinic they had used- Care Manchester- and the consultants I saw were very negative about it and the medications that people use following their results. Some of those they were negative about were recognised as useful on the main Care website! I am now more stressed and confused especially as I've read some stories of successful IVF with these medications at Care Sheffield!

I have one consultant who wants to put me on steroids and another saying they won't do anything so want to take me off them and the consultants don't agree! I have found my experience of these differing opinions of people working for the same organisation yet not using the same methods so stressful - it feels like you're in a lottery for which consultant is best at which clinic to help you.

I've been in tears trying to read more on it, speak to consultants and they seem to be making the infertility journey harder not easier. I'm not sure if to move to Care Sheffield or just go with it or go somewhere else completly.

Anyone out there had this experience and come to any conclusions???

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