Early Miscarriage

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Early Miscarriage

#1 Post by CharB » Thu Oct 31, 2019 8:38 am

Hi all,

I recently had an early miscarriage following our first transfer. Just wondering if anyone else is in the same boat?

It's only a couple of weeks since it happened so it's still quite raw. I'm having good days and bad days. I suffer with anxiety and depression which is not helping matters.

The miscarriage happened at approx 6 weeks. I had bled a few days before OTD but it was pink so I put it down to implantation. However I bled pink blood on and off the whole time. We were shocked when the test was positive. I contacted Care a few times and was told it was normal to spot early on.

Things escalated 6 days after OTD, I was in a lot of pain and the bleeding increased although still pink. Then a couple of days later the blood became red and the pain was horrendous. Enough was enough, so hubby took me to hospital.

We went to A&E and were quickly transferred to Gynaecology Assessment Unit. The Dr examined me and removed the egg sac/tissue/something else from near my cervix. There was instant relief from the pain so I do believe it was the egg sac.

I had to give consent for the tissue to be tested and decide at we wanted doing with it once it had been tested. This was really upsetting for us both as we never expected to be faced with this kind of decision. We decided to let the hospital sort out the cremation. They organise a proper cremation and the ashes get scattered in a cemetery, but you don't get told anything about it. We felt this was the best option as having to sort it out ourselves would only make it harder to deal with.

Miscarriage was confirmed a few days later when we returned to G.A.U. for a scan and repeat blood's. The scan showed that there was nothing left in my uterus and the bloods confirmed that my hormone levels has dropped significantly.

Hubby and I feel robbed, at first we couldn't think about trying again and decided to have a break from our treatment until the new year and revisit it then and decide what to do next. We have since both said that we do want to try again, but we do want to wait until the new year.

I have arranged counselling for us both through Care and our first session is in a couple of weeks.

Hopefully it will really help.
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