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#1 Post by CC27 » Sun Nov 21, 2021 12:50 pm

Hey everyone,

I'm just wondering whether anyone has any advice around acupuncture along side IVF.

I know a lot of ladies do it before/during a cycle and just wondered whether you could share any experiences with it? How often did you go for treatments? Did you go on day of egg collection/transfer day?

After a chemical in June this year after my first ever fresh and a BFN on a FET this month I've decided to throw anything and everything into my next fresh cycle, which I'm looking to start April/May 2022. I went for my first ever acupuncture session the other day and was slightly underwhelmed by it. Not with the actual procedure itself, but the woman and the whole experience of being there. It was in a noisy location (people talking outside the door, by a busy road etc) and she stayed in the room (which was quite small) whilst I was supposed to be relaxing. Safe to say with all those factors combined it was not relaxing! I did my research before booking and she's registered with all the relevant authorities and has a very reputable website so think this is why i was so disappointed after that first session.

Just trying to decide whether to stick it out or change therapists?!

Any help is appreciated :) xx

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Re: Acupuncture

#2 Post by MB42YO » Wed Nov 24, 2021 7:31 am

I didn't want to read and run....

I've had acupuncture on and off for a few years now for chronic pain so when I decided to start ivf I started a programme with the same lady I'd always gone to.

Where I live there aren't many registered acupuncturists so my options were limited but I've recently changed to a new person who seems to know more about acupuncture specifically for ivf.

She told me that she had gone through the same and if her therapist had told her to go every day she was so desperate that she would have.

She said there are times when acupuncture is beneficial, such as pre and post egg transfer, starting a few months before treatment starts etc.....but generally a session per week focusing on you and your cycle and protocol at that point is what's important.

I don't know if its working or if it helps.....this is my first (and only) cycle of IVF but I figured I would try. At the very least it makes me feel positive and less stressed on the days that I go. Speaking to friends who have had multiple cycles they belive its what really helped them. I'm not sure there's any definite research but as it's currently affordable for me I want to try anything and everything that seems sensible!

Looking forward to hearing from anyone who has had success with it and CC27, Good Luck whatever you decide.

P.s. make sure you're comfortable with the therapist/room/space....otherwise there's nothing beneficial about anything!

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