Deciding when to go for it

Trying for a family as a single parent?
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Deciding when to go for it

Hi all,

I had my initial consultation just over two and a half months ago and after a wait for my donor sperm to come into stock it's now being shipped and I expect I'll be ready to start treatment on my next cycle or two.

However, I've recently had Covid and I don't feel back up to optimal health. I'm also waiting to start acupuncture and trying to get on it with healthy eating and remembering to take supplements (taking a conception multivitamin and CoQ10). So I feel like I want to give it a bit more time before I start treatment but I'm aware that time isn't on our side and it's a balancing act being ready to give it what it needs, versus not delaying too long as age is the biggest factor.

Is there anyone else grappling with this, or who can speak from their own past experience?

Thank you!
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Re: Deciding when to go for it

Hi Euca,

Just saw you hadn’t had a reply and thought I’d just let you know that our clinic care Manchester doesn’t allow anyone to have treatment for a minimum of 4months after having covid so maybe that could be a useful guide as I’m sure they would have a medical reason for saying that amount of time. Good luck!
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