Feeling left in the dark by our clinic - do we complain?

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Feeling left in the dark by our clinic - do we complain?

Has anyone else experienced issues getting hold of their clinic? My wife and are due to begin shared motherhood with a Care Fertility clinic soon. Due to the type of IVF we're having we've been assigned a donor coordinator who has (up until recently) been great at helping us get our sperm and coordinate our various screenings.

We've been patients at the clinic since March, but the plan has always been for my wife start stims on the next cycle after she finishes her exams (which will be taking place next week). We originally expected this to be the first week of July, but it's now looking like the next cycle will begin in 2 weeks!

I emailed our donor coordinator 2 weeks ago to check in and make sure we have everything in place to start treatment for this cycle. However she hasn't responded to this or the follow up email we sent a week later. We've also tried to reach her by phone but keep going to voicemail. To make things worse, our other point of contact has since left the company, so we have no one we know by name who we can get in touch with to figure out what on earth is going on.

Where do we go from here? Are we being unreasonable here or do you think we should consider making a complaint?
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Re: Feeling left in the dark by our clinic - do we complain?

Hi Bibibaby, sorry to hear you are having issues contacting your clinic. I can't comment exactly as no two situations are the same, however I have found with Care that it can sometimes take being a little 'pushy' to get responses and the appointments needed. The IVF journey can be a very emotional and difficult journey at times and you need to do whatever necessary to get the best care you can, be it phoning the customer care team/making a complaint. I hope you get the answers you need and I'm wishing you luck on your journey.
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