Dealing with 'Involuntary Childlessness' ~ Moving on...

Life after IVF? What other options are available?

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Dealing with 'Involuntary Childlessness' ~ Moving on...

Hi ladies,

After 8 years of TTC, failed IUIs, IVF failures and losses, we finally took the difficult decision to stop any further treatment a year ago.

Today, I feel like I have managed to turn things around from complete depression to start living a life of passion and purpose ~ something I never thought i'd hear myself saying.

I've written a blog which i'd love to share with you: ... dlessness/

Acknowledging the need for support for people who decided to stop trying and treatment, I have also set up an organisation which aims to fill that gap and share my skills, knowledge and toolkit of strategies that I've found helpful over the past few years.

If you'd like to connect with me and join my private community, please get in touch with me, Kelly ~ or message me on ... 69?fref=ts
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